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Soft Toys

Find a huggable pal with a soft toy

Every child needs a cuddly companion, but don’t bore them with boring teddies and the same old stuffed toys. Instead, take a look at the brilliant collection of soft toys that bark, laugh, burp and more

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Cute, cuddly and super fun

Our range of interactive soft toys and stuffed toy animals will keep children entertained for hours. We've got everything from jumping playful puppies, monkeys that want tickling, horses that flick their tail and annoying monsters that laugh, burp and jump around.

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Soft Toys

If your child is constantly pestering you for a pet, our selection of moving soft toys are a great alternative. We have happy hamsters, cute kittens and roaming rabbits so you can give your child the perfect companion — without the mess, expense and hassle that come with keeping animals! Take a look at our fabulous range and buy soft toys online with Hawkin’s Bazaar.